Restaurants Restored



Mary McVoy is extraordinarily passionate for creating experiences through incredible food and distinct service. Her diverse and creative culinary background in bakeries and cafes; American, French and Italian fine dining; and Mexican taco shops gives her a culinary edge that is bold and brilliant. Mary has not only worked from Coast to Coast, but from the Front to the Back of each house she’s been in.

Mary’s creative solutions for success and ability to customize operations to your needs is why she has founded Restaurants Restored. We understand that not all restaurants are the same - each concept should be operated with a focus on its distinct place, time and market.

Although inventory, labor projections, cost of goods are basic operational tools for any and all concepts, each project must be treated uniquely. For example, you can’t say a unicycle is the same as riding a bicycle or tricycle. Each is unique and requires a different learning process to master. The same is true for the food industry… if you don’t focus on the details that make your concept stand out, you will get lost in the shuffle.

Restaurants Restored helps you dive into your concept’s uniqueness to help you strengthen, support and optimize your approach. You are then left with the power to focus on building a sustainable future for your brand. Your concept should be yours through and through - and not stop with the food you prepare and the services you offer. Your daily processes and ability to think out-of-the-box will drive your success.

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Are you optimized for a stronger future? We will help you find the answers you need.