Among the core services we offer here at Restaurants Restored, our F&B support is one of the most instrumental to the success of your business. The key areas of focus are: 

Creative Culinary Operational Systems
Every kitchen has its own fluid motion of operation. We will help you identify the most optimized kitchen setup to insure efficiency and quality control is operating at its highest levels. 

Sourcing & Purchasing
Not knowing where and whom to purchase the best ingredients from can be an uphill battle. We aim to make this an exciting process as you start seeing highest of quality product with a much cheaper price tag. There are endless possibilities when it come to procurement but it's not always easy knowing which is your best option for your establishment. With ur history with vendor relationships, you can be sure we will find the best distributor and purveyors to support your business. 

Cost of Good Analysis
The key to cost control is having the proper systems in place. We will develop and implement systems to guide your profit line in the black.